PU dispersion adhesives
PU dispersion adhesives

The main advantages of polyurethane dispersion adhesives Novima.dis are low activation temperatures, high thermal and moisture resistance and high adhesive strength. Polyurethane-based dispersion adhesives are particularly suitable for the processing of high-gloss foils via vacuum pressing. The PU dispersion adhesives are here applied using a spray gun. The bonding process as such takes place under a hot press.

IMAWELL's NOVIMA polyurethane dispersion adhesives are available as single component or two-component adhesive systems. Ready-to-use single component systems are easy to process since the adhesive is applied directly to the surfaces to bond. Two-component systems must be premixed in ratios of one component adhesive to one component hardener. Two-component PU adhesives boast high thermal stability.

Warum entscheiden sich Kunden für unsere PU-Dispersionsklebstoffe?
  • Niedrige Aktivierungstemperaturen
  • Hohe Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsbeständigkeit
  • Gebrauchsfertige 1K- und 2K-Systeme
Wo kann ich kaufen?

PU-Dispersionsklebstoffe können Sie günstig im IMAWELL-Lager in Düsseldorf, Deutschland ordern.